How to Play


One of your hands is used to create teleport orbs. Pull the trigger in your teleport hand to create an orb. Throw the orb and you will teleport to where it lands. Changing which hand is used for teleporting can be done quickly in the inventory.


Push and hold the thumbstick button to open your inventory. Point the thumbstick at the item you wish to equip. Release the thumbstick button and you will equip the selected item. The inventory has 4 item slots with the bottom slot always reserved for teleport orbs.


Your health is displayed on your hands. Losing all health forces you to restart the level.


Using a heart item will restore health. Hearts display their remaining uses.


Weapons are scattered throughout each level. They can be picked up and stored in your inventory. Each weapon has a unique way of firing and reloading. Weapon types include automatic fire, sniper rifles, grenades, rocket launchers and more.


Weapons display their remaining ammo. They are reloaded by using your controller's reload button.


You will encounter a variety of enemies on your adventure. Use your weapons to defeat them before they defeat you.


Some levels are boss battles in which you fight a very powerful enemy. These enemies are often too powerful to be defeated by only shooting them. Instead, each boss has a hidden way of damaging them. Bosses display their remaining health in the surrounding environment.

Completing a Level

At the end of each level is a void teleporter. Throw a teleport orb into this teleporter to complete the level.


Completing or leaving a level returns you to your home world. This world contains teleporters to the void and tutorial.


The void is where you can teleport between levels. To enter a level, throw a teleport orb into the level's door.